Fenway Group Delivering Service Excellence

DALLAS – Established in 2012, Fenway Group’s Centers of Excellence (COEs) were designed to help clients achieve business value and a higher level of service and operational efficiency.  Fast forward to today, and our COEs are spread across the country and continue on the mission to develop the next generation of technologists.  Based on the co-habitation of senior and associate technology professionals delivering agile-based real-world IT initiatives; we have established a proven approach to provide domestic outsourcing while mentoring our associates.

“The inspiration for our model was the need of our clients to have an alternative to offshore outsourced delivery.  The ability to deliver at the highest quality with the best economic model led to the establishment of the delivery centers,” shared Martin Santora, Founder, and CEO of Fenway Group. “But even in the early days, there was a focus on ensuring we developed and maintained the right culture.”

A Centralized Service Model

The centers are built around a model of collaboration, in an environment where professionals can support clients in a centralized office setting, with access to multiple technology leaders to facilitate knowledge transfer.  This model empowers both Fenway Group associates but also our clients.  Teams can work as a group on a challenge encountered or quickly mobilize a group of subject matter experts to expedite resolution.

Each COE focuses on service excellence in application development, devops, cyber services, and emerging technologies.  Because of these specialized service offerings, the COEs have multiple teams equipped with a wide variety of experience and specialization.

“Our professionals can focus more on delivering the projects and solutions to the clients without worrying about being on an island by themselves.  Being around other teams with similar challenges empowers an increased level of collaboration,” noted Liz Kimball, Vice President of Fenway Group. “But if need be, they can also be at the client site as needed.”

People First Culture

The open and agile environment fosters a culture of teamwork and collaboration which helps to deliver exceptional results.  It also provides a level of transparency and communication successful in today’s business environment.  Effective communication with the client helps in understanding requirements, changing demands, and feedback necessary to advance the initiative.  At the same time, this communication style helps interpersonal communication within the teams.  Beyond technical abilities, soft skills improve overall productivity and play a vital role in the success of any project.  Companies that foster this culture have the ability to consistently deliver excellence.

“You grow by learning and you learn by doing. Our model puts this golden rule at the forefront of how we collaborate and deliver in all parts of the client partnerships that we build with everyone on the team sharing in the responsibilities and taking on challenging work from the beginnings of our coach led mentorships all the way through our advocate supported consultancies. We are fostering the technology leaders of tomorrow with sound delivery practices today,” said Mark Morris, Senior Director of Research and Development.

Achieving excellence in IT delivery is no easy task, and it certainly is not something that happens overnight.  There is no predefined formula for success in every scenario, but establishing a centralized collaborative model, with open communication can go a long way to mitigate any roadblocks on the journey.  It’s a cultural transformation, that works across all industries and is never too late to adopt to achieve service excellence.

Developing the Next Generation of Technologists