Engagement Management in our New World

The impact of COVID-19 is heavily prevalent in the world today and the ramifications will be felt for some time as we continue to evolve, adapt and persevere through the ever changing landscape of how we work together both in our personal and professional lives.  One of the most significant changes is the shift to remote work for most of the world and it is becoming increasingly apparent that this is not going to be limited to just this pandemic but will potentially extend for most enterprises even after a return to “normalcy” once it has been deemed safe to do so.

Successful engagement management in this new remote world relies heavily on a core tenet that was always a major component of establishing successful client relationships.  Trust is that core tenet and the key to success for both Fenway Group and our clients.  We are brought into an engagement because a client has an opportunity they need solved whether it be a need to build out a team as a managed service so the client knows the work is getting done without needing to worry about resource allocation or a specific development project for a new website/application that will allow the client to complete more business faster, all of these opportunities start and end with trust.  

As Consultants, we have to understand that we are not just “doers” waiting for instructions and tasks to complete the clients goals.  Successful consultants know that we have to get more involved and consultative in order to establish and build trust with our clients as well as with our peers who are supporting us within any given engagement.  Clients want to know that we have their best interests at heart every step of the way that way when we have to provide feedback or guidance that might shift the direction a project is heading, it is readily received and evaluated on to ensure there is agreement across the project on the best path forward.  

Consultants at Fenway Group do not just perform the job; we are constantly analyzing what works and what needs to be changed to determine the best suggestions to improve business processes.  We strive to make recommendations that will not only serve our client’s but also provide the best chance of overall acceptance and use within an organization.  The last thing we want is to just make changes because it’s the cool new thing, the recommendations a Fenway Group consultant will make are based on the needs specific to the client and are proven to have worked in similar situations to ensure a high probability of success.  

We have to remove the fear of change by doing our due diligence and presenting our recommendations in a consultative manner.  Our recommendations should clearly state the existing opportunity we’re trying to solve and how it benefits the client.  An integration timeline for the recommendation to be fully integrated within the client’s processes should also be provided to ensure there is acceptance with the client’s decision to move forward.

As one of the cornerstones of our delivery capabilities, Fenway Group consultants support Fenway Group clients by earning trust and building upon that trust through our consultative approach which has only grown more prevalent in this new remote landscape. We would be happy to share our expertise with you and define a model that works best for your situation.

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