About Us

We are a domestic extension of your IT organization where you benefit from localization, data security, rapid stand-up, and on-time delivery. Through our unique domestic model, we provide high quality work at competitive economics.

Our Story

Fenway Group had long established a reputation of quality and on-time delivery using standard consulting models, but lacked differentiation and purpose. The founder of Fenway was devoted to make a change to the existing model in order to leverage university resources to develop the next generation of technologists with competitive economics.

"Give me passionate individuals with aptitude and attitude and I can transform how companies develop next generation technologists.”
Martin Santora
Founder and CEO

What do Our Clients Say?

The best thing about working with the Fenway Group isn’t what we say about ourselves, it’s what our clients say about working with us.

"With Fenway Group, we benefit from quality work products at a very competitive pricing structure.​"
Managing Director
Airline Industry
"Fenway Group has proven to be a powerful and unique way to grow our next generation of IT Talent. I definitely recommend the program."
Financial Services Industry
"The Fenway Group's agile teams are committed to delivering high-quality work on time and a pleasure to work with."
Director, Application Development
Energy Industry
"Fenway Group is an outstanding success for us. We are hiring a continuous flow of Associates as they complete the program. They have higher levels of technical skills and leadership qualities that you rarely see in new hires."
VP of IT
Telecommunications Industry