Everyone is familiar with Google's apps such as Google Slides and Google Docs, but not everyone is aware of the versatility that Google Drive offers. Google drive is a helpful way for individuals and groups to access data on different wireless devices when working on projects. Since Google Drive is a cloud based application, you would no longer need to store data you want other individuals to see on a hard drive. Simply having a G-Mail account allows you to access Google Drive and collaborate more efficiently with members of your party. On top of having the ability to connect with many wireless devices, Drive also saves space on a device and allows you to store up to 15 GB of data. 

With the enormous amount of space available, individuals or groups can insert as many files that is needed to complete thier goal. As an example, Fenway has used google drive to share documents with members to effectively explain its company policies, opportunities, and upcoming events. With the use of Google Drive, Fenway can easily update or make changes to the documents within the drive when needed, and they will immediately appear as the changes have beeen made.

Google Drive limits stress by having  a fast, user friendly, computer friendly, and efficient environment.  Google Drive also makes a work environment feel more fluent, and that is why it is a great way to store data.

To learn more about Google Drive, visit https://www.google.com/drive/

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