Fenway has introduced me to various technologies. Included in this extensive list is an interesting javascript container known as Redux. This container tremendously simplifies the state management process.

Redux is a state management library that is based on the same architecture that Facebook uses to create applications which is known as Flux. One major difference that distinguishes Redux from Flux is that Redux does not have its own dispatcher, meaning it does not support multiple stores for state objects. Redux stores your entire state inside a single store and the state can be altered through what is called “Actions”. Surprisingly, Redux does exactly as its name implies. It reduces the amount of code necessary to provide your application functionality and basically renders code “recyclable”. This attribute can enhance the speed and efficiency of your project and eliminate redundancies.

To learn more about Redux, visit http://redux.js.org/

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I am an Associate Consultant at Fenway Group who developed a passion for software development.