Agile POV

At Fenway, we believe strategy comes first. However, customers also require a mechanism to convert their imagined future into reality. Intelligent execution that has the strategic purpose in mind is necessary. Our intelligent tool for execution is Agile. Modern Agile processes incorporate new attitudes and practices from a variety of non-software oriented fields to build a lightweight coding dynamic that churns out valuable software with greater and greater velocity. At its heart, Agile has two major goals: to build the right thing and to build it right.

“Building the right thing” means the software not only meets the customer’s needs but also inspires its users with ideas and creates even more demands on the product’s functionality. “Building it right” demands a successful product be an example of technical excellence. Only if a successful product can also be easily updated with new features and functionality can we call it an Agile success. Building it right means simple design, a coherent structure, maintainability, flexibility and rapid delivery. Agile, which enables the pursuit of innovation, allows our customers to maximize their investments in software while building an elite development team.