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Why choose Fenway Group?

We build trusted partnerships adding both technical expertise and access to talent from universities nationwide. We provide capabilities and capacity to your IT organization, with pricing comparable to offshore but with domestic quality service.

What is talent pipeline?

Our talent pipeline provides qualified, high-end candidates from our homegrown talent pool. Discover the talent you’ve been looking for and get the chance to work with them first-hand before hiring them on.

What are managed services?

Our managed services serve as a domestic extension as an option for workflow outsourcing. Our team can help you address an array of issues related to cost, quality of service, and risk with multiple functional support.

What do we mean by capacity and capability?

Our managed services are a U.S. based extension of your IT organization. We handle workflows and application services that allow you to prioritize your internal resources on core competencies.

What is a Center of Excellence (COE)?

Centers of excellence and innovation located at universities across the nation. Each COE has a particular focus, such as emerging technology (University of Idaho) and devops (Louisiana Tech University).

What services do you offer?

Through JIT training we are capable of any technology-based task or project. We focus on four key areas: App Services, Security, Emerging Technologies, and DevOps. We have a proven track record of success in these particular disciplines.

What are the benefits of localization?

Onshore opposed to offshore outsourcing restores quality of life to your people. With a presence in each time-zone, differences are minimized and off-hour meetings are eliminated. Additionally, communication is fluent without cultural and linguistic barriers.

What is lean & agile?

To guarantee client satisfaction and sustained success, each team practices agile project management through SCRUM & Kanban. Each project management framework is tailored to build quick feedback loops with key stakeholders to ensure continued progress.