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Fenway Group provides technology outsourcing with senior and next generation technologists at select universities nationwide.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services are a U.S.-based extension of your IT organization. We handle workflows and application services that allow you to prioritize your internal resources on core competencies.

Talent Pipeline

Fenway Group is a key component to an effective corporate talent pipeline strategy, providing a continuous flow of highly skilled and qualified job candidates.

Competitive Advantages

Fenway Group possess a unique U.S. domestic technology outsourcing delivery model that provides value-driven results with measured outcomes. The systemic benefits inherent to this model furnish clients with the ability to get done quick, efficiently, and repeatedly while invoking a different approach to executing technology initiatives.

Stand-Up Time

Pods are staged and ready to go within two weeks of a signed contract/statement of work. Spin-up multiple teams simultaneously or in a phased approach.


U.S.-based operation eliminates language, time zone, and cultural barriers.

High Retention

Eliminate the “flight risk” of the staff and contractors, offshore attrition rates, knowledge loss, and a constant untimely on-boarding and ramp-up process.

Data Security

Eliminate the risks of confidential data and intellectual property loss. Our security practices are governed by U.S. data privacy laws.


Inherent to the Fenway Group model are quantifiable and qualitative attributes when combined equate to competitive economics with value-driven results.

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing across all national locations, both explicit knowledge (i.e. about the business domain) and implicit knowledge (i.e. specific working procedures) is a best practice managed through governance.

Range of Tech Stacks

A comprehensive knowledge base of emerging technologies in addition to industry standard tools and technologies.


Retention and continuity of teams equal sustained value-driven productivity measured by sustained velocity.


Increment pods quickly. Fire-off multiple pods simultaneously or in a staggered approach.

Knowledge Loss Potential

“Matrix of Intelligence” coupled with the asset repository Knowledge Vault and best practices eliminates the potential of knowledge loss.

Public Relations

Realize strong public relations by projecting a strong company image and reality of keeping work effort within the United States.

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