Managed Services

This is a Domestic Extension of your Corporation's IT Organization

Fenway Group's Managed Services provides solution sets that allow clients to prioritize internal resources on core competencies and keep staff focused on supporting business growth while Fenway handles workflows and application maintenance. The immediate result is the delivery of high-quality work with the long-term result of an ongoing, recurring outsourcing model.

  • Bringing a new perspective on organizational issues and production development to DevOps
  • Scalable pods available with vetted candidates with efficiency, velocity, and productivity
  • Highly motivated and experienced staff which possess an ease of use of new technology
  • Tailored Service Agreements to fit your requirements, resource needs, and budget
  • Efficiency gains by reducing the amount of internal staff time dedicated to supporting and maintaining technical environments
  • Clear baselines of current levels of service, scope, and breadth to ensure a smooth transitory phase
  • Best practices approach with proven methodologies
  • Retain IP