Sometimes projects need a rework and having a team look at the problem from a different angle with a fresh perspective gives your team insights into how to better manage your processes. Our teams at Fenway Group specialize in taking problems from start to completion in a well-refined development process. We work with what systems you may already have in place in order to ensure a smooth transition for both your teams and your customers. 

The greatest projects will have ever-changing requirements, but always start and end with a strong vision. Fenway has the expertise to determine and tackle these needs while retaining your company’s original vision, delivering a robust end product. Using the Agile development cycle, we can quickly respond to new requirements and issues as they arise, all while continually ensuring we are on the right track to ensure your project’s success.


ServiceNow gives your business intelligent solutions to increase workflow efficiency and organize business infrastructure. Our workflows integrate with ServiceNow technologies in order to rapidly assess critical issues that impact priority systems. We work to give you technology based workflows that allow you to more effectively structure and communicate with your teams. Whether you need a system by which you can organize your IT and security teams or simply want to manage your cloud storage while reducing business overhead, we can implement the most effective solution.


Ensuring a direct line of communication and an efficient link between the systems in internal teams is at the heart of any team that excels in their field. Our extensive history in creating and adding onto existing systems of supply chains gives us an edge when developing tools for teams to interact better. Whether you need a system built from the ground up or have a critical issue affecting how your enterprise resources are managed, our goal is to find the solution that best solves those problems and leaves an infrastructure that is easy to manage.


In the age of online delivery marketplaces, we ensure that your platform offers top of the line service when customers utilize your portals to process their transactions. Keeping up with your online sales and tracking your growth and business potential gives your company insight into how to best structure your sales models. Whether you need a system built from the ground up or just want to augment your existing system with new tools or cloud infrastructure we can find a solution that works for you.

The ability for development teams to continuously integrate their work into critical infrastructure with confidence affects how your entire business functions. At Fenway Group we ensure that high-quality work is integrated into your environments so that your backend infrastructure along with front end facing applications continue to not only function but work better together going forward.


Salesforce is a cloud-based platform that boasts its ability to create apps by “Clicking instead of coding”. The platform utilizes the MVC model to give its users rapid development capabilities by displaying Visualforce pages for the user experience. Apex, a Java-like language, can be used to send and receive information from the cloud and then seamlessly integrate that data into the user experience. As the administrator of the system, this gives you the ability to streamline your workflows and formulate new business ideas to more effectively meet customer needs.


You have to know where your users are to reach out to them and, if they want to know more, that they get the information they need from your company in the clearest manner possible. Our delivery model for Cloud Marketing at Fenway Groups ensures that all of your data is centralized and understandable from the a customer's view and sustains this model when producing and managing advertising content.


The content seen by prospective customers on your online portals can often be the first time that you get a chance to make an impact on your market, and you only get one chance. At Fenway Group our focus is on working with you to create content that exceeds expectations and catches the attention of your current and prospective clients.


Success in business is defined on how well a team can evaluate changes and adapt to more effectively provide service for their customers. Fenway Group specializes in analyzing Businesses and workflow systems to optimize the consistent output of excellence by ensuring efficiency and well-defined project goals. Strategies to set your business on a path to success are crafted by reviewing past workflows and current plans.