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Love your work and your life.

What makes Fenway Group different?

At Fenway Group, we offer variety, fulfillment, and balance. Work with companies from Fortune 1,000 to leading-edge startups. Keep up with the latest in technology, flex your skills across industries-and be home. With a social purpose and impact, we attract the best in the business. People from enterprises, consultancies, and startups-all drawn to building a career that’s both exciting and sustainable.

Our Culture sets us apart.

Fenway Group is a diverse, inclusive, and inviting environment where people are empowered to be and make the difference. Our culture, fostered by connection and direction, encourages the active participation of our people. Connection is about our people feeling appreciated while doing something meaningful. Direction is about our people being emotionally vested in the mission and social impact of Fenway Group.

We’re committed to creating a safe, diverse, and inclusive workplace.

This means encouraging open conversation, hiring diverse talent, and continually learning from one another. 

Bring your entire self to work.

Inclusion is more than representation by the numbers. It's a breadth of perspective. It's knowing that you're safe to be yourself at work. It's a daily dialogue undertaken in the spirit of open-mindedness and reflection, and it's embedded in how we do business.

At Fenway Group, you can work with clients in the city you call home or virtually anywhere.

Feed your curiosity.

Grow as an expert and leader supported by fellow technologists. We offer progression paths and flexible learning options, and we pay for certifications in the top technology platforms.    

Choose your career path.

Build a career that gets you excited about being at work every day, whether it's as an individual contributor or a People Leader.

Thrive holistically with robust, personalized benefits and resources that support your emotional, mental, financial, physical, and social well-being. 

Find the fun.

Celebrate your team or explore your interests with FGs across the nation. There’s something for everyone, or start a new club.

At Fenway Group, our people come first, and our vision, mission, and values guide our way of being a company and how we work. We value each person’s uniqueness and encourage our people to be authentic, nurturing a culture of connection and direction. “We aspire for each person to love their life and work.”