Developing the Next Generation of Technologists.

Fenway Group provides technology outsourcing with senior and next-generation technologists at select universities nationwide.

Services for your business to grow

We provide technology outsourcing services with senior and next generation technologists at select universities nationwide.

Our service model delivers speed, capabilities and capacity, favorable economics, localization, high retention, and data security.

Dedicated teams of senior and associate consultants can quickly be spun up at any of our on campus Centers of Excellence across the U.S. Fenway Group is your compliment to offset offshore or contracting services. You benefit with rapid capacity and capabilities with a strong economic model.

With a diverse Fortune 1000 client base you can be assured that Fenway Group has the experience to partner with you to help scale your IT organization and resolve your talent shortage.


Compliment or Offset your
IT Technology Services.


Mentor your Next Generation of Technologists.