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A Domestic Alternative to Offshore IT Factories

Talent Pipeline

A key component to a corporate to a corporate talent pipeline strategy

Managed Services

A domestic extension of your IT organization

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we’re down to earth

We speak English, not binary code

We speak your language, and the language of your customers.

Our clients know us by our first names

We form deep relationships with our clients and they know us on a first-name basis. It’s about more than face-time. It’s about real collaboration and partnerships.

Bill Bradley, CIO CenturyLink “Fenway has proven to be a powerful and unique way to grow our next generation of IT talent. I definitely recommend this service.”
Tucker Nix, Managing Director American Airlines “Fenway provides great Managed Services. The Associates provide quality work at a very competitive pricing structure. We maintain very high expectations going forward.”
Wayne Wier, VP of IT CenturyLink “Fenway has been an outstanding success for us. Associates deliver quality projects. We are realizing the benefits of the coach/contributor process as we are hiring a continuous flow of Associates.”
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